how to crack any competitive exam without coaching

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To crack a competitive exam without coaching, you first need to know the prerequisites for a particular examination. Next, you must know the process of exams and review the syllabus and subjects to clarify your vision. Next, refer to the previous year’s question papers and patterns so you have an idea about how the questions will generate and which type of questions they usually ask in examinations, and the question paper pattern you must know.

how to crack competitive exam

Here are the five tips to crack any exams

Make your basics strong:

Most students do not try to get clarity on topics or concepts. They try to memorize the issues with missing fundamentals or not build the foundation of that subject. So don’t make this mistake and clear your concepts on the spot where you get confused. This is important because the related topics allow you to write confidently. You should know the exam pattern and syllabus for your exam. This is a very important role sometimes, and you waste time on fundamental things. Time is most important, so make clarity and transparency on concepts.

Follow time table:

You may know what a timetable is. Most students will create a schedule for their exams but fail to follow it. The reason is not maintaining consistency, and Time table helps you remember your goals and work on a particular time. Most students include this column in their timetable DATE, TIME (from-to), SUBJECT, or many others. If you add this column to your timetable, you will follow and maintain PLACE’s consistency. In this column, the right is where you want to study, for example, the bedroom or the top of your home. You tell yourself to do This [work] subject I will read [day]-[time] for example Physics subject I will read 12-02-2022 at 7 am in the bedroom.

When you see your bed, this work will be remembered so you can’t distract yourself with your timetable. So try once adding this column and prepare for your exams. And make your timetable successful.

Build Confidence in Yourself:

 Confidence is the key. It is a most important thing if you are preparing for competitive exams; to keep positive thoughts most of the students will leave the answer in exams if they know that answer because of lack of confidence, you can build you confidence at home by solving previous year question papers and giving 100% in exams what you know. And don’t be overconfident; if you have prepared throughout the year, you won’t have to go through last-minute rush and stress. Make your mind relax by meditating during the preparation.

Taking stress during exam preparation is not good for your health. You should be healthy. We will cover this on the 5th, the last point about how important your health is.

Focus on Preparation:

 Most students will read what exactly is in the book. Don’t do this because you do not understand the concept you are memorizing. To avoid all you have to do after the 40 min of reading, ask yourself what you read. If you do this, you have more confidence than before it. You are constructing a concept in your mind, read for 30 to 40 min only after that, take a small break (5min), for example, walk or drink water, something you have an interest in. you are trying to read for 1 or 2 hours without a break, don’t do this, you do not remember and take stress on your mind. Try to read when you feel better, and lite on that movement, and you get more concepts. To make your mind free and lite, meditate for at least 10min a day.

Take care of your health and mind:

 As I said in the 3rd point, health is important to consider while preparing for competitive exams. During the preparation, you have to take care of your health and mind, and If you feel better, you can think more and remember concepts more; otherwise, your concentration will distract you from not being able to give 100% in the exam. To keep your health good and healthy, eat from time to time and avoid junk foods. Do jogging if possible.

Overall Key Points To crack competitive exam:

Make your goal clear, eat and sleep from time to time, Do meditation, Understand the basic concepts, Keep your health good, and Do not take stress during the preparation.

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