Happy Magh Bihu 2023 Wishes, Images & Photos, WhatsApp Status, Quotes

Makar Sankranti will fall on January 15, 2023, hence this year, Magh Bihu will be observed on that day. If you’re looking for Happy Magh Bihu 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Images, WhatsApp Status, etc. to wish this holiday, you may find them from the list below. This festival is celebrated in Assam in particular to commemorate the joy of the onset of spring. You can share the free images that are provided here to your friends and family to wish them a Happy Magh Bihu 2023.

Happy Magh Bihu 2023

The festival of Magh Bihu is immensely significant to the people of Assam. This festival, also known as Maghor Bihu, is celebrated on this day with traditional games and the preparation of a variety of dishes including Sunga Pitha, Til Pith, Coconut Ladoos, etc. The evening before Magh Bihu is referred to as Uruka, and starting on this evening, preparations for preparing a lot of food start. Men construct bhelaghars (a sort of hut) from hay and bamboo, and women prepare meals inside of them. Near the cabin, a meji (bonfire) is also built.

Festival NameMagh Bihu 
Celebrated StateAssam
Known AsMaghor Bihu
Date January 15, 2023

People perform folk dances and sing local songs while spending the night next to bonfires, and in the morning of Magh Bihu, they burn the meji after taking a bath. On this day, they also participate in some old-fashioned sports like buffalo fighting and tekeli bhonga (breaking pots). On the auspicious Magh Bihu occasion, ancestral gods are also honoured. If you live far away from your friends or family, you can send them Happy Magh Bihu 2023 Images, Wishes, etc. to wish them on this lovely day. People also visit friends and families to eat feast and celebrate the holiday with great.

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Happy Magh Bihu Wishes 2023

Cheers to Magh Bihu 2023! I want God to grant you continued joy and a smile.

Dear, I’m offering many blessings on this fortunate Magh Bihu occasion.

Allow yourself and your family to enjoy the day with celebrations, joys, and happiness. Enjoy your Magh Bihu.

May the harvest festival be a time for joy, mouthwatering ethnic fare, and close-knit family ties. Merry Magh Bihu!

May the celebration of Bijy herald the beginning of a prosperous and happy life. Happy Bihu in 2023!

Happy Magh Bihu Images 2023

Happy Magh Bihu Images
Happy Magh Bihu Images

Happy Magh Bihu Photos 2023

Happy Magh Bihu Images

Happy Magh Bihu WhatsApp Status 2023

I send you best wishes for a bumper crop that is full with food grains and happy memories to treasure. Happy Magh Bihu 2023 to you!

You have my best wishes for a very happy Magh Bihu and may the Lohri festival bring you success and good fortune.

May the God of Fire consume everything that is bad, fill your heart with love and good things, and ease your life. Happy Magh Bihu to you!

May the Magh Bihu spirit flood your heart with love and happiness. Happy Magh Bihu from myself and my family!

May we live in peace and harmony. Happy Magh Bihu to you!

Happy Magh Bihu Quotes 2023

I want God to provide you the blessings of peace, happiness, love, success, and money on this Magh Bihu. Happy Magh Bihu to you!

Let’s everybody spread happiness and open arms as we greet Harvey’s most auspicious and lovely celebration. Merry Bihu!

May the warmth of sesame seeds and the sweetness of jaggery bring joy into your life and the lives of those around you. Dear, happy Magh Bihu!

For me, BIHU stands for the Assamese icon, the bond of love, humanity, and unity. Happy Bihu from the bottom of my heart, I say.

This Bihu, I ask God to provide us the fortitude to overcome our circumstances and have great success in life. Cheers to the harvest festival!

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