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The MS University Exam Time Table 2022 for Undergraduate & Postgraduate will be made available on Manonmaniam Sundaranar University‘s official website shortly. Exams will probably take place in December 2022 and January 2023. The MSU UG/PG Time Table 2022 may be downloaded by candidates who filled out the exam form to appear in the Exam for UG or PG degree programs by going to the official website,

MS University Exam Time Table 2022

On its official website, MS University will soon release the Exam Date Sheet for Postgraduate & Undergraduate Courses for November 2022 session. Students who are completing their UG or PG Certificate or Diploma course from a college that is affiliated with Manonmaniam Sundaranar University must visit the official website to download the exam time table.

The timetable for the November 2022 examinations for the Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Advance Diploma Courses, and Postgraduate Diploma Courses will most likely be made available on the official website in December 2022. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli On the official website, a PDF version of the MS University Exam Time Table 2022 for various courses will be accessible.

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MS University Exam Date Sheet 2022

Exam Dates for different Certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma, and Postgraduate Diploma Courses are still forthcoming; consult the table to see when the exams are anticipated to take place.

Look at the below table Certificate Course with the code

CodeCertification NameDate
RCGT1Gandhiyadikalin Valkaiyum KalamumDecember 2022
RCGT2Sarvodhayamum AkimsaiyumDecember 2022
CATCT1Air TicketingDecember 2022
CATCT2Cargo ManagementDecember 2022
CCAAT1Computerised Accounting Package Tally-9December 2022
CCAAT2Income Tax-Law & PracticeDecember 2022
CECOT1Fundamentals of E-CommerceDecember 2022
CECOT2The InternetDecember 2022
CIEMT1Principles of ManagementDecember 2022
CIEMT2International TradeDecember 2022
CSA1Soil ChemistryDecember 2022
CSA2Soil Fertility & FertilisersDecember 2022
CTJ1Fundamentals of TourismDecember 2022
CTJ2Indian Geography & TourismDecember 2022
CTP1Translation TheoryDecember 2022
CTP2Translation Process & PracticeDecember 2022
CSS1General Sericulture & MoricultureDecember 2022
CSS2Biology of Silkworm, Silkworm rearing & silk reelingDecember 2022
RFCT1Food ScienceDecember 2022
RFCT2Food TechnologyDecember 2022
RFCT3Food ChemistryDecember 2022
FHC1Alphabets & Fundamentals of GrammarDecember 2022
FHC2Simple ProseDecember 2022
FHC3Translation & CompositionDecember 2022
RBCT1Herbal BiotechnologyDecember 2022
RBCT2An Introduction to Applied BiotechnologyDecember 2022
CCS1SalesmanshipDecember 2022
CCS2Practical PsychologyDecember 2022
HT2Flower Making & ArrangementDecember 2022
HST1Phytomorphology & Taxonomy of Medicinal PlantsDecember 2022
HST2Herbal MedicineDecember 2022
GVCT1/ VCT1Introduction to Visual CommunicationDecember 2022
GVCT2Desktop PublishingDecember 2022
GVCT4/VCT3PhotoshopDecember 2022
GVCT3Pagemaker & CoreldrawDecember 2022
RCDD1Technology of Clothing ManufacturingDecember 2022
RCDD2Pattern MakingDecember 2022
RCDD3Fashion Designing & IllustrationDecember 2022
CCI1Life Insurance ContractJanuary 2023
CCI2Life Insurance ProductsJanuary 2023
ET1Introduction to disabilityJanuary 2023
ET2Visual ImpairmentJanuary 2023
CIT1Fundamentals of Information TechnologyJanuary 2023
CIT2Office AutomationJanuary 2023
CVT1Introduction to VermicultureJanuary 2023
CVT2Technologies & Applications of VermicultureJanuary 2023
RCAM1Introduction to AccountancyJanuary 2023
RCAM2Computer for BusinessJanuary 2023
RCA1Principles of AccountingJanuary 2023
RCA2Accounting Package TallyJanuary 2023
RCCB1Molecular Biology Genetic Engineering January 2023
RCCB2Computational Methods for Sequence analysisJanuary 2023
MS University Exam Time Table UG & PG Download
MS University Exam Time Table UG & PG Download

Diploma Courses

DGATT1Gandhian Politics, Economy & ReligionDecember 2022
DGATT2Gandhian Philosophy, Education & SocietyDecember 2022
FHD1Poetry & Functional GrammarDecember 2022
FHD2Short Stories & CompositionDecember 2022
FHD3TranslationDecember 2022
DTP1Introduction to TranslationDecember 2022
DTP2Translation: Process & PracticeDecember 2022
DTP3Translation TheoriesDecember 2022
DSS1Soil ScienceDecember 2022
DSS2Plant Nutrients & Soil Chemical AnalysisDecember 2022
DTT1Travel ManagementDecember 2022
DTT2Tourism MarketingDecember 2022
DTT3Regional, National & International Tourism OrganisationsDecember 2022
HST3Indigenous Systems of MedicineDecember 2022
HST4Phytochemistry & PharmacognosyDecember 2022
DS1Silkworm Seed TechnologyDecember 2022
DS2Genetics & Breeding of SilkwormDecember 2022
Dec1E-BankingDecember 2022
Dec2Supply Chain ManagementDecember 2022
ENT3Entrepreneurial Development Programmes & PoliciesDecember 2022
ENT4Management of small BusinessJanuary 2023
DCI1Fire Insurance ContractJanuary 2023
DCI2Miscellaneous InsuranceJanuary 2023
RDAM1Accounting with TallyJanuary 2023
RDAM2Indirect TaxesJanuary 2023
DIT1Internet & Web TechnologiesJanuary 2023
DIT2OOPS & C++ ProgrammingJanuary 2023
ET3Hearing ImpairmentJanuary 2023
ET4Management of DisabilityJanuary 2023
DDDGT1Technology of Dress DesigningJanuary 2023
DDDGT2Features in Dress DesigningJanuary 2023
DEMTT1Foreign Exchange & Credit ManagementJanuary 2023
DEMTT2International Business EnvironmentJanuary 2023
DICTTIQuran, Hadith & FiqhJanuary 2023
DICTT2Biography of the ProphetJanuary 2023
DMEET1Electrical Devices & CircuitsJanuary 2023
DMEET2Electronic Circuits & DevicesJanuary 2023
DDSG21/DAPG21Career SkillsJanuary 2023
DDST21Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel & StatisticsJanuary 2023
DDST22Data Science Using PythonJanuary 2023
DDST23Advanced PythonJanuary 2023
DDSG11English For LifeJanuary 2023
DDST11Introduction to Data ScienceJanuary 2023
DDST12The Data Science UsingJanuary 2023
DDST13Data Science Manipulation/VisualizationJanuary 2023
DAPG21/DDSG21Career SkillsJanuary 2023
DAPT21Advertising & Accounts(Clients) ManagementJanuary 2023
DAPT22Digital Media Theory & PracticesJanuary 2023
DAPT23Media PlanningJanuary 2023
DAPG11English for LifeJanuary 2023
DAPT11Introduction to AdvertisingJanuary 2023
DAPT12Principles & Designs of AdvertisingJanuary 2023
DAPT13Advertising ManagementJanuary 2023
DAPT14Practices of Public RelationsJanuary 2023

How to download MS University Exam Date Sheet PDF 2022?

You must read the step-by-step instructions provided below in order to get the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University November 2022 Examination Exam Time Table.

  1. Visit, the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University’s official website, in Tirunelveli.
  2. After entering the official website, a menu choice for Examinations will appear in the header; select it to get to the next page.
  3. After selecting the aforementioned option, you will be given the chance to select Exam Schedules; select that choice.
  4. Click the link to the Add-on Course November 2022 Examination Time Table at the bottom to obtain the PDF of the Exam Date Sheet.

MS University Time Table 2022: FAQs

Where can I get the MS University Exam Time Table 2022?
By going to, students can get the MS University Time Table 2022.

When will the MS University Exam Date 2022 Sheet be made public?
By December 2022, the MS University Exam Date Sheet should be made public.

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