SASSA Status Check 2023 for SRD350 July Payment

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a vital role in providing support to low-income families through its Social Relief of Distressed Grant (SRD) program. In 2023, SASSA will be disbursing grants for Senior Citizens on August 2, Disabled People on August 3, and Children on August 4. If you have applied for the SRD350 July Payment, you might be eager to know your status. This article will guide you through the SASSA Status Check 2023 process, ensuring you stay updated with your application’s progress.

What is SASSA Status Check 2023?

SASSA Status Check 2023 is a process that allows applicants of the SRD350 July Payment to track the progress of their application. Whether you are a senior citizen, a disabled person, or a parent applying for your children, knowing the status of your application is crucial. SASSA provides various methods to check your status, making it convenient for citizens to stay informed about their grants.

Ways to Check Your SASSA Status

To cater to the diverse population of South Africa, SASSA offers multiple avenues to check the status of your SRD350 application. Here are the two primary methods:

SASSA Status Check 2023 for SRD350 July Payment

Checking SASSA Status on the Official Website

The easiest and quickest way to check your SASSA status is by visiting the official website at Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Select “Check your Status” from the menu.
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Click “Submit” to view your status.
  • The screen will display whether your application is accepted, pending, or refused.

SASSA Status Check on Moya App

For tech-savvy individuals, the Moya app offers a seamless way to track your SASSA SRD status. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Moya app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Select SASSA Grant from Discovery in the Moya app.
  • Choose the “Application Status” option.
  • Enter your ID number and other necessary details.
  • Click “Submit” to see your status on the screen.

Requesting a Reconsideration for SASSA’s R350 Grant

Sometimes, applicants face challenges in receiving their grants despite applying through the correct channels. In such cases, it’s essential to request a reconsideration. To contest an R350 grant status, follow these steps:

  • Visit the SASSA Reconsideration page on the SRD portal.
  • Review the instructions provided.
  • If your status check is unsuccessful, ensure you have provided accurate information in your application.
  • The means test will determine your eligibility for the award based on your financial data.

SASSA SRD Appeal: Common Reasons for Rejection

If your application gets declined, you have 30 days to appeal or seek a review. Here are some common reasons for rejection:

  • Inconsistent personal information or financial details.
  • Existing SASSA grant or other alternative income sources.
  • Registration with UIF, NSFAS, or an entry in the DHA database indicating the applicant’s death.

How to Check If Your R350 SRD Grant Is Approved?

Understanding the status codes on the SASSA Payment Status Table will help you determine whether your R350 SRD grant is approved:

  • Application Complete: SRD SASSA grants are paid monthly after reapplication verification.
  • Bank Details Pending: Your application was accepted, but SASSA has not chosen a payment gateway. Submit your banking data at
  • Reapplication Pending: COVID-19 requires yearly SASSA R350 funding applications. Reapplied applications are pending.
  • Pending: SASSA received the updated application but has not yet verified it. Updates are expected later this month.
  • Approved: Your grant has been approved. Check the grant payment date. If SASSA has not processed your payment, it will be on its way soon.
  • Declined: SASSA denied the award based on the timeframe. Rejected applicants have 30 days to appeal or seek a review.


The SASSA Status Check 2023 process is essential for staying informed about the progress of your SRD350 July Payment application. Whether you choose the official website or the Moya app, tracking your status is simple and hassle-free. In case of rejection, remember the available options for appeal and reconsideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I check my SASSA status for SRD350 July Payment online?
    • You can check your SASSA status online by visiting and entering your ID number.
  2. Is there a mobile app for checking SASSA status?
    • Yes, the Moya app is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to check your SASSA SRD status.
  3. What do I do if my SASSA application is declined?
    • If your application is declined, you have 30 days to appeal or seek a review through the SASSA Reconsideration page.
  4. How often should I reapply for the SRD350 grant?
    • Due to COVID-19, you need to reapply for the SRD350 grant yearly.
  5. When will I receive my approved SASSA grant payment?
    • If your grant is approved, check the payment date on the SASSA Payment Status Table, and the payment will be processed soon after approval.

By following the SASSA Status Check 2023 guidelines and staying informed about your SRD350 July Payment application, you can ensure a smooth process in receiving much-needed financial assistance from the South African government.