SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022 Download, Login, Grievance Status

The South East Central Railway Personnel Department‘s official website may be accessed at, where all SECR workers can obtain the SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022. All members can use their 11-digit PAN number and EMP number to sign in to the SECR portal and access their pay stubs.

SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022

SECR is the name of one of India’s eighteen railroad zones. The Bilaspur location where it was in 2003, 18 years ago, will house the headquarters of the South East Central Railway Personnel Department. The SECR Portal was largely created with the company’s employees in mind. Employees can use this online web portal at to acquire all the information about the SECR Pay Slip 2022-2023.

SECR Portal Salary Slip Download
SECR Portal Salary Slip

Information on different payments made to employees was included in the SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022. The SECR Payment Slip acts as employment documentation and is necessary if you want a loan or credit card, therefore we can say that it is a highly important document.

Portal NameSECR Portal
Launched By theSouth East Central Railway personnel department (SECRPD)
Objective of this PortalProvide Employee Salary Slip &
Payment Details through a single window access
BeneficiariesEmployees of the SECR
Which LocationBilaspur
Official website

Employees can access a wide range of services online, which has many benefits. Using this portal, SECR employees can get their SECR Portal Pay Slip for 2022. To download their pay stubs, many employees go to To obtain your SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022, you must log onto your account using your 11-digit EMP number and PAN card.

Seniority List Available on SECR Portal

Province of Raipur:

  • Electrical(TRD)
  • Electrical(TRS)
  • Mechanical(C & W) (C & W)
  • Mechanical(DLS)
  • Mechanical(LOCO)
  • Commercial \sEducation
  • Electrical(G)
  • Electrical(MIN)
  • Electrical(OP)
  • Mechanical(MIN)
  • Medical Operation Staff S&T(Sig)
  • S&T(Tele)

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List of Online Forms On SECR Portal

Employees can utilise a variety of forms on the SECR Portal as well. An assortment of online forms are listed below:

  • Form of Bank Option.
  • Form Callahan.
  • Higher education application
  • nomination form combined.
  • Grant for Composite Transfer.
  • Format for a Family Declaration.
  • Redeeming a LAP.
  • The format for the FATCH self_ Declaration for NPS.
  • Form A HRA.
  • Form-B HRA.
  • Form-C HRA.
  • HRA Ex-India Form-D Discontinue using Performa.
  • Performa for passport applications.
  • approval for mobile transactions.
  • authorization for unchangeable transactions.
  • Give form.
  • Form PTO.
  • House Construction Advance.
  • Advance Computer for Scooters.
  • Heir AAdvancedpparent.
  • S-2 NPS Form.
  • NPS Form for Partial Withdrawal.

SECR Portal Salary Slip 2022 Details

Many different kinds of information are provided to employees on their pay stubs:

  • Personnel HRA
  • Personnel DA
  • Employee Benefits.
  • Gross Employee Income
  • salary deduction for employees.
  • Net pay for employees.
  • Employee’s base salary.

SECR Portal Login

If you want to log into the portal, do so by doing what is described below:

Step 1: Go to the official website,, first.
Step 2: On the home page, click the button to log in as an employee.
Step 3: Your front screen will now display the login form.
Step 4: Now is the time to input your ID and password.
Step 5: After you’ve finished entering all the data, click the login button.
Step 6: Use this method to sign into the website.

How to Download SECR Portal Pay Slip 2022?

By completing the steps below, every employee of an employer can view their pay stub:

  1. Step 1: Go to the Portal’s official website to get started.
  2. Step 2: At this point, choose your login method.
  3. Step 3: A login form with fields for your PAN number and 11-digit employee number will now be displayed to you.
  4. Step 4: At this point, you must choose the login button
  5. Step 5: The salary slip will now be displayed to you so that you can review its information.
  6. In step 6, you can now get your pay stub by clicking the download option.

SECR Portal Benefits

Access your paystubs securely to read or print them. The Indian Railways Portal was developed to provide customers with a single point of access to the data and services provided by the numerous Indian Railways companies.

Employees also have access to their leave balance and seniority, two things that are crucial in promotions. Three posting choices are provided by the portal’s supplementary function, which allows employees to register their transfer requests. The most important option on the web is to register a grievance. Employees have access to online grievance registration and status tracking. This portal also serves as a platform for providing pertinent alerts so that staff members can stay updated about openings and deputations both inside and outside of Railways.

How to know the PF Grievance Status?

The method for determining a case’s status is straightforward. A step-by-step process for figuring out a complaint’s status is as follows:

  1. Go back to the main EPFiGMS website.
  2. View Status can be chosen from the menu.
  3. Type the registration number that was provided to you when you filed your complaint.
  4. Provide the grievance password, phone number, or email ID if the lawsuit was submitted on an earlier version of the website.
  5. The security code that displays on the screen must be entered.
  6. Choose “Submit” from the menu.
  7. The complaint’s EPF grievance status will subsequently be shown on the screen.

South East Central Railway Contact Details

Address: Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Pin 495004; South East Central Railway New Zonal Building.
Contact Information Helpline 247002/ 247003/ 247008 Email [email protected]